Search Process

Initial Client Meeting

Our search process begins with the initial client meeting. This is an information gathering session whereby client and consultant share valuable information and insight established through trust, integrity and confidentiality. Basic information on the overall company, cultural aspects, organizational structure, long and short-term goals and product/market specific information are reviewed. We spend time with you to thoroughly understand your organization. Interviews with key executives of the company, inclusive of all those involved with the hiring process, are conducted to gain insight on how the new executive will fit within the overall environment. It is critical to the success of the new individual in your organization that there is buy-in from executives who will be working closely with this individual. Through discussions within your organization, we determine the challenges to success within your environment. We will work with you to "problem solve" prior to a new hire joining your company to ensure the integration of this person into your environment will be as smooth and easy as possible. Success is based on developing quality relationships.

Search Specifications

Development of a well-defined profile and position description is critical for success. The position description will reflect the strategic and tactical requirements necessary for the position to operate in line with overall company objectives. Also, key performance indicators, technical and functional expertise, and a personal chemistry profile will be included to ensure that the individual can effectively integrate into your team and the overall organization.

Research Process

The research process consists of a marketplace evaluation and a competitive analysis as well as creative sessions to evaluate and expand the universe of companies that might house prospective candidates. Target lists are developed, then reviewed with your organization to ensure there are no conflicts of interest. We then organizationally define all companies on the target list. This information provides you with the most current information in the marketplace, identifying the overall talent base. This information can also be used to understand what is happening within competitor organizations, based on their organizational and compensation structures, and how those competitors are approaching the marketplace. This information is shared with you throughout our process.


Extensive telephone screening and personal interviewing are critical for identifying the best candidates for your organization. Qualified candidates are presented to you complete with resumes and our interview assessments based on your key performance criteria. We present the first set of candidates in a cluster for comparison purposes. After your interview of these candidates, we will meet to review all feedback to assure that, if any "fine tuning" of the search parameters is necessary, we will know early in the process to move the search forward in a timely fashion.

Once a candidate is selected, we will work closely with you on compensation negotiations and reference checking to secure the executive as part of your team.

Communication is essential to a successful search. We will report progress, concerns and any pertinent market information that is uncovered routinely throughout the process. We target completion of our assignments for approximately ninety days.


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